Mass Effect 3 dev needs to 'spend more time' with Wii U

Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson believes the Wii U is very exciting, but needs to think more about it and spend more time with the console.

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Rrobba2688d ago

Would be interesting to see what Bioware can do with the Wii U. Scanning environments and flying spaceships would be cool with the augmented reality-like features of the controller with the gyro.

The touch-screen could be used to issue commands to squad mates, maybe it could have an overhead map in which you select your teamates and draw a path for where you want them to go.

Achtung2688d ago

Interesting stuff right there...

charmer2688d ago

of course...cause wiiu is pure genius by nintendo..cnt wait for the games

lionelglitchy2688d ago

funny when a dev says good things about the wii u no ps360 fanboys leave comments

jacen1002688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

yea funny that innit, the fanfags have allot to say when 100% is still unsure about the system but when the devs are saying good things u cant argue with them, i cant wait to see some solid stuff on it, ps3 and 360 do not interest me in the slightest anymore, the future is wiiU/PC