New vs. Old: Why XBLA titles are better than the classics

"While Xbox Live Arcade hosts numerous classics both untouched and unaltered, it also hosts modern renditions of the same titles with contemporary additions. But XBLA is becoming known for games that take the mechanics of classic titles and makes them better. It’s a concept that draws a line in the sand, pitting friend against friend, brother against brother. But in the end there’s a reason why you often see the word enhanced in regards to XBLA titles: they’re simply better than the classics. XBLA Fans chose three classic games to go toe-to-toe with three modern XBLA games. Each defines their genre relative to when they were released."

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smmelton2689d ago

I'm not sure if I totally agree with this, but it's an interesting theory nonetheless. I'm not a fan of Super Meat Boy, but love the Mario games. Precision controls do not a good game make. I don't like dying every five seconds. Technically superior != better. Still, lots of good points made.

Conquerstone2689d ago

Precision controls are very important in games that require swift reactions. Granted, Mario doesn't require it as much as Super Meat Boy, but it is still an important element to all games.

zootang2689d ago

PSN store is packed with classics like Fat Princess, Dead Nation, Flower, Eat Them! Noby Noby Boy, Super Stardust HD, The Last Guy, ect. You could live of these games alone

cain1412689d ago

PSN has some fantastic games as well.

cain1412689d ago

Not sure how much I buy this either, but I do agree that we mix best game with most important a lot...

Xeserox2689d ago

I don't see how he can compare super metroid and shadow complex at all. Shadow complex was influenced by super metroid, but you can't compare the two.

cain1412689d ago

Why do you say that? Because they were created in different eras?

Xeserox2689d ago

That it's from a different era is the big hang up I have with it, and really super metroid/castlevania started that whole trend in games.

Would Shadow Complex be as great as it is without the Metroid/castlevania games creating that style of game play? Would it even be the same?

cain1412689d ago

I think that was his main point was that if you get the whole It started the genre argument out, Shadow Complex is better.

Conquerstone2689d ago

I understand the influence of games like Super Metroid on a game like Shadow Complex, which is why I mentioned their influence, but Shadow Complex expands upon that core gameplay concept and provides a deeper experience IMO. No one is disputing their influence, more of their undefeatable status as games that no contemporary edition can exceed.

Venox20082689d ago

Super metroid is better than all games named here..and it's not about different eras.. I am talking about gameplay, secrets ...

Conquerstone2689d ago

All of this is subjective. Although I believe Super Metroid is excellent, I had a much better time with Shadow Complex. Every gMer is different.

wordupagain2689d ago

It's a very "To each their own" thing. Some people like being told where to go in Shadow Complex and some people like to explore the depths of Brinstar with just an empty map, begging to be explored and figure out everything on your own. Shadow Complex doesn't revolutionize as much as it just evolves the genre. Which is awesome but story wise, Shadow Complex for me felt kinda forgettable story wise (gameplay wise, it's incredible) and I only remember Nolan North's voice really as opposed to the grand story of Super Metroid.

But as much as we discuss, it all boils down to "to each their own".

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