The top 100 games in the world – part 2 of 2 (BeefJack)

BeefJack: "The great thing about the BeefJack top 100 – a list of our favourite games, not necessarily the best – is that it throws up some surprises. While compiling this second and final part of our countdown, we realised quite how fondly we remember a whole bunch of games that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be at the top of a ‘greatest games ever’ list. There’ll be some surprises here, and not everyone will agree, but that’s what makes gaming wonderful: there’s something utterly brilliant to cater for every taste going."

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taylork372664d ago

I'm not a Zelda:OoC homer, but it is definitely better than #16.

handheldwars22664d ago

#1 Super Mario Bros
#2 Tetris
#3 Ocarina of Time
#4 Resident Evil 4
#5 Galaxy 2

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deno2664d ago

List is average. I agree with sonic 2 but not resident evil 4 over resident evil 2.

RadioactiveTouch2664d ago

Final Fantasy 7... right... fucking stupidity. Will the nerds ever get over that average-at-best game?

caseh2664d ago

I thought same thing soon as I saw no.1, In the authors defense he has specified that many other games have done all of the concepts better - story, leveling etc.

Its just thats the game a lot of them recall as bringing a good balance of all those different aspects into a single game.

For me FF3 is top of the food chain.

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