Miyamoto Thinks He's Nailed 2-Player Mario

Mario games have usually featured some kind of 2-player mode. Thing is, it normally stinks. Not so with Mario Galaxy! Shigeru Miyamoto believes that finally, after over 20 years of trying, Nintendo have cracked the secret of implementing a decent Mario multiplayer experience with the game's Co-Star mode (where a second player takes control of a little star and...rings bells and stuff). Or so he tells Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, anyways:

Iwata: "So, with the creation of the Co-Star mode do you feel that you've finally successfully solved this challenge that has spanned about 25 years since the birth of Mario Bros?"

Miyamoto: "Absolutely."

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calderra4058d ago

Yup. One player can actually play both parts of the game by themselves, except if that one player is too dumb to use the pointer and play at the same time, they can have their friend point while player one focuses on moving Mario and breathing at the same time. Yeah, you've perfected two-player all right, Miyamoto.

Next up: Gears of War 2 to feature exciting new 2-player mode! Player 2 can now throw the character's grenades if player one doesn't want to, freeing player one to stand around and wait for the grenade to go off.

BrotherNick4058d ago

Lol, it's not that bad, you just can't play with stupid people.

sajj3164058d ago

When I think of co-op, I think of Mario and Luigi in the same level controlled by 2 individuals. I see tag team fireballs and extra distance jumps (with assistance). I see true cooperative play. I don't think Miyamoto is there yet.

Kholinar4058d ago

yeah, that'd be fun.

It'd also be pretty difficult to implement on a platformer that's as complex as SMG. Cameras are hard enough to manage in this sort of game with a simgle player in mind. So if you simplify the levels then it becomes a less-satisfying single-player experience.

calderra4058d ago

Exactly. Two-player means 2 players. Not one player and one guy waving a wand at the screen. Two-player would be Mario and Luigi in the same level. Once Miyamoto works that out, THAT will be perfection. This isn't perfection- this is a gimmick.

DeckUKold4058d ago

That would be multiplayer perfection