Tales of Xillia's Full Theme Song Revealed; It's Quite Pretty

The full theme song for Tales of Xillia has been revealed. Entitled 'progress', the theme is sung by one of Japan's biggest pop singers, Ayumi Hamasaki (pictured). Check the full song below.

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jetlian2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

like another song by her was it voyage? or dearest

dragonknight42609d ago

It was an excellent choice to go with Ayumi Hamasaki. I would've prefered KOTOKO for what she did with Blaz Blue. Squeenix fans, however, prefer Leona Lewis.

Darkseeker2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Nice, it's out, nice song.

Pozzle2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I'm surprised Ayumi's songs aren't used for more games, tbh. She's MASSIVE in Japan. Her star power alone would help any game's sales.