Will Single player ever be back in fashion?

With all the ruckus about First person shooters and epic online multiplayer modes, it seems like the basic concept of creating a compelling game without the fluff is being overlooked.

TecStories wants more games like Metal Gear Solid, Heavenly Sword, Alan Wake and enslaved that have rich deep universe’s compelling stories and give you warm memories but looking at the poor sales with the exception of metal gear solid compared to the FPS genre and multiplayer games, i fear for the worst, if titles like bioshock infinite and dues ex fail to get gamers in a frenzy i believe this is the beginning of the end for single player

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Inside_out2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

...Cost of games is to blame. It all to expensive and the industry have no one to blame but their own greedy little hearts. You see millions and millions of gamers spending hundreds of thousands of hours playing on line, they pick there favorite game and that's it...done.

Sales are a leading indicator tho some maniacal fanboys who's favorite games or console are not number one in sales want to bury their heads in the sand and ignore it.

There are still some single player game that sell reasonably well but more and more, you are seeing games with multi-player, co-op and horde modes becoming the norm, not the exception. That is a direct result with people wanting value for their money. The whole " app " phenomena is a direct result of this.

Apple is running away with marketshare everywhere, like a thief in the night as devs and pubs bicker, Apple has set up a whole ecosystem built around their products that basically revolve around free apps and .99 cent games and apps. If you buy a Apple product, you don't need anything else but Apple...they supply you with everything.

So to answer the question, no, short term, single-player is still around but people have tired of spending $60-70 on a 6-8 hour game and now with the play passes, they are basically worthless when your done even if they have some sort of multi-player.

Look at sold great, but I would be surprised if the next one sold as well after that 6 hour mess. If GOW still pulls those numbers then great, but there was a lot of complaining...well see in 2012, IF it launches then.

Venox20082696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

true... too bad...

Pozzle2695d ago

I wasn't aware it ever went out of fashion? o.O

xJumpManx2694d ago

Great article. I also love racing games and feel the open world racing games are not as much fun as closed off courses. Perfect example game to I like Paradise I played it because I love racing games but the previous Burnout was better since it was closed courses.