'Final Fantasy XIII-2 doesn't use cut FFXIII material' - Square Enix

The reuse of material cut from Final Fantasy XIII has been a bit of a worry for fans of the series, especially since ealy last year art director Isamu Kamikokuryo revealed enough locations had been cut from FFXIII to make a whole new game.

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NukaCola2664d ago

If content was cut, they should still use it. No sense in making a part two with 15gb just sitting in someone's desktop folder going unused.

Troll-without-Bridge2663d ago

You didnt read the article did you?

No content was cut, as we already knew. It simply didnt realize because just like with any game, stuff must be chosen to be in the final product.

NukaCola2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

The point I am illustrating is: They are making a sequel and they have 15gigs of cut content that could be put into the 2nd game. It would just be cool to get all that story and scenery we missed out of the first time.

I get FFXIII-2 isn't just the cut content as a new game, but they ought to put the 15gigs into 2 anyway. Especially if it will add to the universe and story.

Troll-without-Bridge2663d ago

I think you're missing the fact that nothing was cut out from FFXIII, which is clearly stated in the article you didnt read.

You are just making assumptions which are wrong and based on Internet gossip. You should be ashamed of yourself.

denero12663d ago

smh he thinks we misunderstood how much content was cut -_- does it matter content was still cut point blank -_- stuff that should have been in the game wasn't and that isn't right

_Aarix_2663d ago

No content was cut out of the game as it was clearly stated in this article.

catguykyou2663d ago

You're idea of cut content is this

exp: content that was always supposed to be in the final game but was taken out due to space restrictions.

What the devs description of the cut content

exp: content that ended up never fleshing out due to it not working well with the flow of the game. Majority of the time this content was either only partially implemented/finished.
Some of the content was only ever imagined, maybe with concept art.

There is going to be cut content in every game. Most of it is because it needs to be cut to keep the game at a certain quality.

Bleach2663d ago

They only say this because if they came out and went 'Oh yeah XIII-2 is just XIII cut content' then Microsoft would throw a fit and the final product would be viewed in a very critical light for being made up of leftovers.

XIII-2 is, i believe, just the content cut from XIII because of the 360's space limitations.

Epedemic2663d ago

pretty much this. No business in their right mind would want to make enemies with another business that can bring in huge profits. of course they're going to say that all of the content being used is brand spanking new.

Chocoboh2663d ago

Yup that's pretty much how it is. The original Xbox360 didn't even start off with a harddrive what a joke. Blu-ray and beyond is this gens format and going multiplat was the worse thing that could happen to FF13

_Aarix_2663d ago

Well they only filled up the third disc. They had like almost 4 gig and couldve added a fourth disc like lost odyssey did.

kreate2663d ago

they said there is a price hike for games over 3 disk by microsoft. a price square didnt want to pay. so square just had to cut content.

games like lost oddysey and ff11 were certain exceptions MS made becuz they wanted to penetrate the japanese market.

SuperSaiyan42663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

On the PS3 fans to jump in and say 'See this is what happens when they try to make a game for the Xbox 360 that uses DVD's!!'

Obviously it will not be written as well as I have it will be far more childish.

But in any case similar thing happens to many games 1 I can clearly remember being Halo 2 for the original Xbox.

Edit: Oh wait looks like someone beat me to the punch! Lol typical.

shikamaroooo2663d ago

The only thing I thought they shouldnt of cut was lightings house . There was a level where you visit it etc etc it wad revealed early this year that it was cut from f f x iii

Chocoboh2663d ago

Yeah well I would be angry too if I paid for half a game with the other half I could of gotten if it wasn't due to the Xbox360's limitation. Good thing it was $20 a few months later in the bargain bin(FF13)

Pozzle2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Even if it had been a PS3 exclusive with more content, there still would have been problems with the plot and the gameplay. A few extra towns and areas sadly wouldn't have fixed a repetitive, average game.

People are blaming the 360 and Microsoft for FFXIII, but imo it's Square Enix's fault for not making a better game. They didn't need the PS3 to make great games in the 90s, and they shouldn't need the PS3 to make great games nowadays. They should be able to make great games, no matter what console it's on. That what developers do.

Bleach2663d ago

You sound like such a fanboy yourself.

Troll-without-Bridge2663d ago

Most Final fantasy fanboys probably think movie directors use every footage and shot they take, into the final product.

Lol, and then im the troll.

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