CVG's Prototype interview and screens

Steve Hogarty talks Prototype with producer Max Belanger of Radical Entertainment...

CVG: So why are so many game characters wearing hoodies these days?

Max Belanger: Well, we wanted attire that suited the character's personality, and even though our goal is to create the darkest anti-hero in videogames, we want a character that will appeal to the people playing our games.

Prototype is set in Manhattan in 2008, and what does our audience wear in New York City? They wear hoodies, and trendy clothes. It also serves the story intentions too, as Alex (the main character) is concealing his identity. There's a mystery around him, and Alex has to unravel his own story to find out who he is.

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heihoosilver4059d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

it looks great.

edit: first, do i earn what for being first?

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you earn the responsibility of making a decent post.
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On topic this is really shaping up and I hope it turns out great, my type of game, 3rd person sandbox action adventure.

tony4059d ago

it seems this game will be a hit. great news.