3 Mistakes Nintendo Made with the Wii

This article takes a look at the top 3 mistakes Nintendo made with their popular Nintendo Wii console. Though it may have won the console wars in term of sales, it isolated gamers and left many feeling left behind.

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neogeo2639d ago

They should do a rethink on putting a 4800 GPU in the WiiU
I say step it up a bit because time has now shown us that people do care about graphics after the gimmick fades.
I sell TV's (a crappy job) Old people are even telling me the wii is ugly when buying new TV's.

All I'm saying is future proof it. a 4000" GPU wont run every game @1080p.

smilydude132639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

The 4800 GPU's are actually pretty impressive. It would constitute a full generational leap over the PS360's GPU's.

Check out this tech demo for an idea.

If the Wii U can deliver graphic like that it will be fine with me. Besides, 3D graphics became good enough for me a long time ago. I'd rather they focus on things that can actually improve gameplay such as physics, A.I etc.

neogeo2639d ago

I have a ATI 4850 1gig card in my gaming rig with 12 gigs ddr3 and a i7 920 OC. I also have extra cooling fans around the GPU to OC.
Anyway The card was great for a few years but is starting to show its age. Here is a list of games I can't run in 1080p unless its below 20fps. BF2, crysis 1 and 2, GTA5, splinter cell conviction, metro2033, The Witcher 2, and (Call of Duty: Black Ops)
YES COD destroys my [email protected] true 1080. BTW it looks amazing! even the colors. destroy consoles.

I just upgraded to a Nvida GTX570 OC with 3d vision. (could not be happier)

I will admit that people will say that PC games may not be fully maxing out the 4850. but keep in mind I have 12 gigs ddr3 amd i7 and a gig of video ram all OC'd.

smilydude132639d ago

Yes, but you have to keep in mind that when developing for a specific piece of hardware you can get much more out of it. PC games have to support a VERY wide range of different GPU's and therefor cannot be optimized and take full advantage of the GPU.

12 gigs ram is not going to make much a difference in today's games, either. Most games are also not CPU dependent but rather GPU dependent.

tigertron2639d ago

I can list 5:

1) Poor third party support.
2) Not making the Wii mote optional like Move or Kinect.
3) No Blu-ray
4) Poor online infrastructure. Seriously, friend codes are retarded.
5) Concentrating too much on the casual market.

Achtung2639d ago

1)That wasn't Nintendo's mistake
2)The whole idea of the Wii was the Wii Remote, haven't you played a good Wii FPS with Wii remote and Nunchuk?
3)Blu ray? Every game works fine on DVDs
5)That's not entirely true

tigertron2639d ago

Alot of people like myself don't want to keep using a motion controller for everything. Conventional controllers are generally easier to manage, and yeah the whole idea of the Wii was the remote, but it should have been optional. Let the gamers decide how they want to play which is why I say hats off to Sony and Microsoft. They've given gamers the choice i.e. Heavy Rain you could use the normal Dualshock 3 or Move and you'll still get a great experience using both.

Every game does work fine on DVD, but developers could add a whole lot more and really utilise the storage capacity of Blu-ray. This arguement is ancient now, you only have to look at the PS3 and how developers have taken advantage of it.

I'm not saying Nintendo haven't spent any time catering for the hardcore market. We do have games like Mario Galaxy and SSBB, but the majority of their attention has been aimed at casuals. The whole concept of the Wii is that your parents and grand parents can play.

Achtung2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


You have a choice when playing Wii games in terms of how you want to play them. Wii games were developed with the Wii remote and Nunchuk in mind so the majority of games tend to control better with that control scheme. As I said, FPS work great with the Wii remote and nunchuk and games like Silent Hill Shattered Memories really takes the immersion that is unheard off on other platforms.

Microsoft's kinect to be honest is really casual and there aren't many good games for the move. Saying: "hats off to Sony and Microsoft" is wrong to be honest.

In terms of the blu ray I'm going to say this:

The media in which a game is stored does not determine the quality of such game.

The N64 used cartridges and yet they made games like Zelda Ocarina Of Time which is an epic beautiful game with lots of content.

I think you forgot to mention other core Wii games by Nintendo. Also you can find 3rd party software that DOES NOT cater to casual gamers. You just have to look for them and you will pleasantly surprised.

JohnMarston2639d ago

Wii's only mistake is beating Xbox 360 and PS3. its sadder that it beat PS3, because PS3 had bluray and 1080 graphics at 60fps :/

smilydude132639d ago

Most games on the PS3 are not 1080p 60 FPS apart from Wipeout HD, correct?

Achtung2639d ago

What? do you own a ps3?

JohnMarston2639d ago

Its sitting next to me to the right, YLOD few months ago.

Achtung2639d ago


ok... so... what games do you own that run at 60fps and 1080p?

just curious...

DJMarty2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

3 more like 10+ mistakes, not gonna list all them. But you get the idea.

1. Crappy online

2. Friends codes suck

3. Crappy Graphics

4. No support for Hi Def

5. No standard hard drive

6. No hard drive support

7. Too much shovelware

8. Ninty stop milking Mario, Zelda franchises to much

9. Too many kiddie games

10. Very few hardcore games, for older user.

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