Capcom Quashes Hopes of Mega Man Legends 3’s Return

Kotaku's Brian Crecente writes, "Despite a push by tens of thousands of fans to revive recently canceled Capcom game Mega Man Legends 3, the Japanese developer tells Kotaku that they have no plans to resume development."

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Dart892541d ago

5 fingers up 4 go down that's for you crapcom you guys are dead to me.

Michael-Jackson2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I don't blame Capcom for cancelling this, it was going to sell poorly in the long run.

Judging from the past games developed on the DS, maybe they decided to develop another Battle Network/Starforce? that series will appeal to a younger audience because of the Anime and it will sell better, so they had to cancel this, just a guess.

wwm0nkey2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

They never released the Prototype which was complete and would have been a way to gauge interest.

Also the Prototype was pretty much free money lol

El_Colombiano2541d ago

I doubt it actually existed. I hate Capcom.

tiffac2541d ago

The horror of it all >.<

GoldPS32541d ago

Capcom should just sell Mega Man then. Let some other company make it.

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The story is too old to be commented.