Call of Duty Elite - Let's take a look at the service

MMGN takes a look at the new subscription service for Call of Duty Elite, detailing the many different features and providing images of the service.

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Dart892395d ago

I keep getting an error that says you must pay $15 to view this page rotflmfao xDDD.

Ezio20482395d ago

i feel its going to be great!!!

The Meerkat2394d ago

Halo 3 did this 4 years ago!

Jobesy2394d ago

@ Meercat, your point?

SuperSaiyan42394d ago

Is it going to be for the 'Elite' service?

Inside_out2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Looks fantastic...It's nice to see Activision going all out on this by creating an entire company around COD Elite.

You get the map packs for free if you sign do I think people will see that as an awesome incentive.

Michael Pachter guesstimates $4.99 a month...sounds cheap. A big mac cost more...O_o

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