PSU: Creating your own PS3 themes - Official PS3 Theme Creation Tool provides the guide to how PS3 users can create their own themes in version 2.00.

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WilliamRLBaker3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

doing it as we speak this is a nice lil thing that microsoft needs to steal:)

@andy below
Yeah i know it sux, which is why i've never purchased a theme for 360, only found the free ones and used those, and free gamer pics, or paid for a gamer pic pack I had to absolutely have *SOTN*

I only ever purchase game content.

andy0013969d ago

except then they can't charge 150 points for each theme :o)

ElementX3969d ago

The developers charge for the themes, not MS, unless it's a MS game based theme.

Panthers3969d ago

Where can i get ones already made?

Kleptic3969d ago

agreed...this is cool that you can do it yourself "officially"...

now where is the DIY in-game messaging tool?...end_joke.exe

unlimited3969d ago

microosft will charge for theme they have controll over it

Silvanos3968d ago

"The developers charge for the themes, not MS, unless it's a MS game based theme."

I think Microsoft insists that they charge for it.

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Skerj3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Dope, that was pretty quick. Here's to my new Daim based theme.


I don't think MS would anytime soon, that'd allow too much user control over the Dashboard. I'm fairly sure they don't want it to be hacked to all hell from some theme exploit which is why it's locked down so.

C_SoL3968d ago

someone help me out please...

mighty_douche3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

any idea if you'll be able to upload them onto the ps store or anything?

im a big modder so i want to be able to share my hard labour with others.

Adriokor3969d ago

ask them if they can create a section for it :) I d love to dl it from there.

thereapersson3969d ago

You gotta admit, even though the new firmware was rather underwhelming, it's cool that you can customize your system so much.

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The story is too old to be commented.