Top 5 Mass Effect Characters I Want to See More Of

James Pungello of GamerGaia writes "Mass Effect is one of my favorite gaming franchises on the market right now and there have been some awesome characters throughout the course of the two games. These 5 characters are people I want to see more of in the next game. They aren’t squad members but they have their purpose to the cause and are interesting enough to be given more in-depth characterization."

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SageHonor2669d ago

~ I hope there is more to DAvid Anerson other than "I'm gonna stay behind and lead earth" in ME3

~ Reegar was a badass. I liked when he said on Haestorm "IM NOT GONNA DIE FROM AN INFECTION IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT THATS JUST INSULTING"

~ I'd love to see more of Joker.. He's rumored to be even more mobile in ME3..

pungello882669d ago

Yeah that line from Reegar was BADASS!

pungello882668d ago

Non-squad members only for this list, though I do like Legion a lot

strange19862666d ago

Big time agree. It always disappointed me that you don't find Legion until near the end of the game.