Dev speaks out on WiiWare

Nic Watt, creative director of Australian developer Nnooo Games, has spoken out on Nintendo's Wii Software Service, or WiiWare as it's known in the US and Japan.

Watt said Nintendo was willing to hand over without requiring a big up-front investment or an extensive demo of the game.

"Nintendo understand not only that small companies like ours cannot afford to create loads of demos in the hope of getting a game signed, but also that the Wii is quite unique," Watt observed, "And you really need to get access to the hardware to be able to make a decent game, demo or prototype."


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predator4053d ago

when are they going to get original games on the wii arcade thing?

ChickeyCantor4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )


you must be talking Virtual console, this is Wii ware thats something else.

Wii-ware is like the Xbox-arcade.
new games/remakes/or simple ports/sofware like opera.

ItsDubC4053d ago

The new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be an original WiiWare release, slated for March '08.