GamesRadar: Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Review

Everyone has their reason for why they fall in love with a particular anime. Whether it's the flashy, high-action battles, an unpredictable story, or well-rounded, intriguing characters, there's always a part that some fans cling to more than others. Bleach could have been a Dragon Ball Z clone, but it instead featured excellent character interaction - particularly, the witty banter to make it stand out from the pack. Now, strip this interaction from Bleach and leave it just with its combat. Still interested? Then Bleach: Soul Resurreccion should stay in your good graces; however, for those who revel in the eclectic personalities of Ichigo and company, they’re nowhere to be found here.

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FlareDReborn2542d ago

5/10? Lawl I bet the next Naruto game gets around a 8/10

initial_kay2542d ago

hmm i was really excited for this...hmmm still getting this... tho