TGH: Resistance 3 Beta Live Stream

TGH Writes: Not in the Resistance 3 beta but want to see some gameplay? well your in luck as we will be streaming it from now until Midnight (Eastern Time) If you decide to join us and watch the stream why not also join in the chat as we will be talking about the game and more.

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ShadyDevil2694d ago

Loving the beta so far, amazing fun and they just amped it up.

pixelsword2694d ago

I'm in the beta too; look for my post in the beta section of Insomniac's threads in the next few days and let me know if you like my suggestions.

PSN: Pixelsword

Nitrowolf22694d ago

i want in this beta so bad. Gonna have to wait till PS+ gets in

mt2694d ago

the competitive so far is a gem. i didn't like the competitive in R2 at all; however , i loved the CO-OP I will miss it ( from what i read it is not existed in R3 ).

trollkill2694d ago

Beta is sweet minus a few lagging issues with kills and when you activate bubble shield.i have a feeling sp will be a gem.