Pikachu And Entei Are PS3 Fanboys

DP:" Our furry Poke-pal friends seem to be a bit tired of Nintendo consoles so they've decided to relax."

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Dart892576d ago

Hmm wonder what they're playing??:D.

FanOfGaming2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

PS3...DC Universe *dreams of a Pokemon MMO*

Nitrowolf22576d ago

ha that would be awesome to have one

DFresh2576d ago

That will never happen considering Nintendo owns the rights to Pokemon.

Godchild10202576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

That image is amazing. Melanie Herring Brandon Brown has talent.

FanOfGaming2576d ago

The full image shows the PS3

Canary2576d ago

Clearly, the artist has no idea what a PS3 looks like.

At best, I'd say it looks like a deformed PS2 with wired 360 controllers.

Pikajew2575d ago

It looks like a black Wii with the PS3 logo on it

Rush2576d ago

It's creepy if you ask me, I mean where on earth is Pikachu resting his controller?

LarVanian2576d ago

Entei....Ugh, I remember that big furry bastard in Pokemon: Gold/Silver. he would always pop up out of nowhere and escape before I could catch him!

Cpt_kitten2576d ago

awesome picture really well done

but they do not look like there playing the ps3, entei looks like he is playing the 360 and pickachu the GameCube

but otherwise awesome picture great quality

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