Gears of War 3 Unlocks Playable Griffin Character, Voiced By Ice-T

WorthPlaying writes, "So, you want to play as Griffin (voiced by ICE-T) in Gears Of War 3? Hit the link to get your token now!"

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Syriel2664d ago

Free is always good. :)

Glad it's not a pre-order exclusive somewhere.

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theonlylolking2664d ago

I am so tired of these companies constantly having promotions through facebook.

NoobJobz2664d ago

Yeah, free stuff is terrible.


Excalibur2664d ago

Of course free stuff is good buttheonlylolking is right, I don't do Facebook,Twitter or any other of those "social" sites.
It gets annoying that everyone wants to get you to sign up there to get this stuff.

NoobJobz2664d ago

No one makes you use the social sites once you've signed up. Sign up get the free stuff and never log back in. I've signed up for hundreds of sites and just never gone back to them. It's not a big deal. Takes a couple minutes to sign up. Hell, use a fake name if you want to.

SwiftShot2664d ago

You must hate free things.

VanguardOfCalamity2664d ago

Free and Ice T?? someone pinch me I must me dreaming...