What Will Happen if Sony Cuts Vita's RAM?

Sony cut Playstation Vita's RAM in half! Thats the line you see all over the net right now. Ever since the the idea got around that Vita would be releasing with 512MB of RAM, rumors of a cut have been getting people up in arms. Let's say this all was true, what would happen to the Vita and it's graphics quality? Read on to find out!

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potedude2639d ago

The games are already in development for Vita. They cant just cut the amount of RAM available nearly at the end of development. Its already set in stone.

However much it is, its gonna be awesome...

metsgaming2639d ago

they never cut anything people just speculated and if it doesnt hit as high as they thought they see it as being cut. You cant cut something if it was never there in the first place. BTW i hope its alot just to make it more future proof, just cram in as much as you can even if they had it set before just add more it cant hurt.

darthv722639d ago

there never was an official disclosure of what the amount of system ram would be, people are making things up as they go.

The likely hood of the vita having 512mb is possible as memory prices are real cheap. I would like it to have 1gb but if it comes out with 256mb then i'm sure the devs wont disappoint.

Not only that but it lend to the idea that there could be an upgraded vita with more memory just like there was the upgraded psp 2000 with 64mb vs the 1000 w/32mb.

metsgaming2639d ago

yea another thing it was made for devs by devs. If they didnt think that the ram was high enough they would have complained.

MaxXAttaxX2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

There are games already running on the Vita.
They can't just cut RAM in the middle of game development.

The specs will be good enough to run this smoothly:

MasterCornholio2639d ago

All the games look great to me and those were built with the vitas final specs. Regardless even if its 256 MB its still a lot more than the 3DS.

I predict 320MB of ram for the vita.

CynicalVision2639d ago

People are also suggesting it's 10 times the RAM of the PSP.

Only Sony know and they've already said that they're going to release the full specs at TGS.

Ducky2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

"The PS3 has 256MB of RAM compared to the 512 of the Xbox 360"


Why would system ram have any major impact on visuals anyways? I'd assume it just means smaller levels or more frequent loading screens.

meetajhu2639d ago

360 has 512 mb shared for GPU and cpu.

Ps3 has dedicated 256 for GPU and another 256 for cpu.

Solid_Snake-2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


1 RAM chip is better than 2 RAM shared.

Ducky2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

... yea, but the article is only considering PS3's CPU ram and then comparing it with the 360's total ram.

Not exactly fair to exclude the GPU's ram when talking about the visual power of both consoles, don't y'think? (especially when the two types of RAM don't behave similarly)

El_Colombiano2639d ago

Good job Solid Snake. Because the Xbox's RAM can keep with the PS3's XDR. Right?

Whitey2k2639d ago

werent most developers complaining about the lack of ram in consoles?

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The story is too old to be commented.