Hey, Square Enix: Why don't you buy Take Two?

CarlosX360 Writes: "Earlier today, Square Enix announced that it has acquired the rights to True Crime: Hong Kong. Looking at it, I had a question knocking at the back of my head: Why not buy Take Two?"

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no_more_heroes2691d ago

Worst. Grammar. Ever.

Interesting idea though. An SE-owned T2? There's no middle ground with something like that. It would either be totally brilliant or utterly execrable.

kreate2691d ago

square has no money. what do u mean buy out take two?

maybe Sony should buy square?

CarlosX3602691d ago

Yeah, but then, why would they invest a lot of money into buying True Crime: Hong Kong? Other than the success of the Yakuza series?

DrRichtofen2691d ago

I don't understand why is T2 soo eager to be bought out?

showtimefolks2691d ago

SE is a big company with a lot of money but like many other companies based out of japan they have the same problem.

They don't know what their market is and they are loosing and will be loosing a lot of money.

very long development time with all their games
and when games do come out they tend to be missing features or misunderstanding the western market
sequels after sequels for 3ds i mean why have kingdom hearts 1-2 on ps2 than have all the spin offs for handheld

here is how i can fix SE:

make a HD remake of ff7 and release it for both xbox360/ps3

make KH1-2 hd remake and if possible make some of those spin offs in HD and sell them all on one disk for 59.99

make sure the next dues ex game doesn't take that long and hope for best with this release because it can either be a huge title or bust

FF13 versus how can a game that was announced so long ago can still have no release date(what you have not learned from other companies long development time usually means good games not great)

True Crime if done right has a lot of potential so now you have the rights while it won't be called true crime. Add planes and stuff and make sure its as good if not better than saints row series(there are 2 open world game saints row and gta look at both and make the changes that are required for true crime)

tomb raider looks great make sure its quality is top notch

Hitman can be great too if done right so find the sweet spot between casual and core gamers


EA tried to buy T2 and how did that turn out. I don't want a gta every year or countless sequels for no reason.

SE should be a great and big publishers like EA who just made a lot of profit but like many japan based publishers they are living 5 years behind us with their game and ideas.

Look at CAPCOM and how much they just lost they also need to open their eyes and get making great game

if anyone will buy T2 it will be EA because they give enough freedom to their devs but a lovely case would be both sony/ms buy t2 together and split the profit

Agent_hitman2691d ago

I wonder where Square Enix got money to buy that IP??? Way back march-april They said that they were struggling due to low sales of FF14, and multi-billion yen were loss..

ThrazN72691d ago

only someone like Microsoft or Sony could buy them they would cost way to much

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