Dead Island’s Achievements Rise From The Dead

RipTen - First rule of surviving a zombie onslaught; be prepared. First rule of achievement hunting; know what your getting into. Thankfully the full list of achievements for Techland‘s, Dead Island has been revealed

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xPhearR3dx2693d ago

This game looks freaking awesome, can't wait to check it out. Some easy achievements too.

Alexrubens2693d ago

Easy achievements are the best!

Heartnet2692d ago

are they really that much of an acheivement if there easy?

Batmau52693d ago

Where is the obligatory "Kill 53,594" Zombies!?
Regardless, awesome achievements!

Acquiescence2692d ago

Many joyous hours were spent grinding the last level over and over again. Such fun!


Batmau52692d ago

I'm referencing Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead, had no idea that there was a trophy for it in Dead Nation.

Ares842692d ago

Can't wait for this game. Hope it will be good.