POV: PS Vita release day "leaks"

Every where I look I keep seeing PS Vita release day "leaks" posted on every site. And I just want to tell every one, these are not leaks but rather, rumors. You can goto any site, Walmart, Gamestop, bestbuy, they all give different dates for when the Vita will be shipped to you or when you can pick it up in the store, why? Because all these "release dates" are speculations. I talked to a couple of gamestop stores (nothing like calling up the big boys at gamestop just talking to GS managers....

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Insomnia_842663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Didn't Jack Tretton say february 2012??

Lyr1c2663d ago


It's said to come before the end of this year.

Urrakia342663d ago

In certain regions only.

Lyr1c2663d ago

Well, you got me there.

f7897902662d ago

Sony ends it's fiscal year at the end of March..........

Skip Japan and go straight for the US! You can do it Sony.

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initial_kay2663d ago

i heard before the holiday season...around october..

ThrazN72663d ago

So there's all these great game's coming out this winter and i really want an ngp. if you turn on cnn showing a a bank robbery it's me

MasterCornholio2663d ago

I would love to have the Vita out in Spain before the end of the year. But i doubt that will happen. Japan will probably be the only region to get the Vita this holiday season. Whats killing be is that since theres no official date i cant reserve the Vita at game. Which stinks because i know that it will sell out at launch and we could go months without having them in stock.

Darkseeker2663d ago

It's only rumors at the moment. Anything you hear from even the most trusty retailers is fake, any listing you see is fake.

Believe me, Sony will probably make a press conference about the Vita release date, so you won't miss it.

NukaCola2663d ago


We got Gamescom & TGS 2011 coming. Plenty will be revealed, and I am sure some new big suprises.

wethegreenpeople2662d ago

Uhm... isn't that what my whole post was about? xD

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