Being a Healthy Gamer 101

GameNTrain: Does this sound familiar: You turn on the controller to see those wonderful buttons light up and land on player one. The sound of the system turning on fills the room as you find your way to your favorite gaming spot. You place your headset snug over your noggin and make sure the mic is in its correct position, so you can chat with teammates and emotionally damage noobs. You are so spellbound by your favorite game, you lose connection to the world around you. You are the character on the screen and there is nothing to distract you from leading your team to victory. The next thing you know, you look at the clock. “Holy [email protected]#$!” You have been gaming for 8 hours, but it has only seemed like 1 hour!

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caseh2691d ago

4. Get plenty of sleep.

Where I often fail in general. Makes you less moody or snappy if you get a good 8 hours sleep, means noobs won't irritate you to the point of screaming at your TV/launching your controller. :)

Solid_Snake-2691d ago

agreed on that.

i know its not the best exercise but i go shopping every day and also go for a few pints before tea is ready.

i always get a good sleep during the week and a better one at weekends when my gaming sessions are longer.

with me being a PC gamer im always asking for my spot to be saved on the server so i can do things in between gaming so im not sat on my arse all night.

my idea of hydration is a beer or cup of tea.

these kinda articles should pop up more often as i think sometimes we forget we are not moving when gaming and thats not good for the body.

FCOLitsjustagame2691d ago

Get a couple of dogs (and lose the fenced in yard). My dogs are more then happy to tell me when I have been gaming too long and need to get up and go for a walk.