Handheld Game Consoles May be a Thing of the Past Sooner Than You Think

theBitFix writes: Handheld game systems have been a prominent figure in gaming for years. It's hard to believe that this is the last generation of them being the number one way to play games on the go.

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Stealth2k2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

"the reception has been nothing short of “meh.”"

Like most systems when they launch. People bitch ask ps3 owners

"Poor sales have led to a price cut of $80"

Iwata “For us to maximize the effect of the anticipated titles of this year end, it is necessary to greatly expand the installed base (before the launches of the anticipated titles) so that the appeal of the new software will be able to spread to consumers in a short period of time,” Iwata stated, in acknowledgement of this point. “Without creating such a circumstance, we would not be able to realize explosive sales in the year-end sales season.”

Do you see the word bad sales in there?

"as well as an 82% cut in profit predictions by Nintendo. "

Nintendo has sharply downgraded its earnings forecasts for the current half year and full year terms. It also lowered shipment forecasts for Wii and DS, but kept 3DS shipment targets unchanged and increased 3DS software targets.

As reason for the revisions, Nintendo cited stronger-than-expected yen appreciation, sales performance, the price reduction of the 3DS hardware, and sales outlook for the holiday season. Regarding the yen issue, Nintendo had to revise its exchange rate assumption from 83 yen to 80 yen per US dollar.

Nintendo also lowered some of its hardware forecasts from the targets that were shared in April. The company expects to sell 9 million DS systems, 16 million 3DS system and 12 million Wii systems. The 3DS figure is unchanged, but the DS and Wii figures are down respectively from 11 million and 13 million.

On the software forecast front, the company expects to sell more 3DS software. Compared to the 62 million it announced in April, it now expects 70 million units. DS software forecasts were cut from 67 million to 62 million. Wii was cut from 120 million to 110 million."

I am no rocket scientist but it seem liek the 3ds was the reason for profit at all

"Its first few months have left many wondering “Where are the games?” "

same as the ds's first 2 years or any system.

If mobile was really talking over wouldnt the 3ds sell less than the ds did?

Its easy to write a doom and gloom article when you mis quote, misrepresent numbers, and just lie

FragGen2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

In the future, ALL game consoles will be handhelds and they'll just have a dock for your TV for when you're @ home. <3

As for the 3DS, it is just flat out feeble. It does not have enough new tech to be compelling in the current fast paced world of handheld technology. It's a repackage of the years old DS with a gimmick tacked on that no one is willing to pay a big premium for. Why should anyone be surprised that it's not taking the world by storm? It's primarily an update for the Mario demographic (Japanese people and small children).

Also. Phone games are uniformly retarded by the way. The number of compelling games that can be designed without dedicated controls is just too small for most serious gamers. :)

Stealth2k2663d ago

Do I even have to explain why everything youve said about the 3ds and dedicated handhelds merging with consoles is wrong? Its ridiculous

There is a market for dedicated handheld games and console games. Every analysts has said so, divinch, patcher, jesse, every one of them

And if you think the 3ds is EXACTLY a ds. Well I cant argue with the dellusional

Oh and the 3ds has sold more units in the US and Europe than japan. Even though its number 1 in japan

There we go

ShinMaster2663d ago

The 3DS IS pretty much just a DS with better graphics and a 3D slider.

It just doesn't offer much for the price. That's why many are having trouble upgrading to one.

kesvalk2660d ago

i find it funny that ppl keep vomiting what others said...

you're a right, the 3ds is a ds with better graphics, better network and a analog, and 3d

the ps3 was a ps2 with better graphics and better network.

the 360 was a xbox with better graphics, better network and a better controller...

a gaming pc is a pc with better graphics card, better monitor and better processor...

y'see, you guys state the obvious as if it was something shady that only nintendo do, but everything on this industry is like that, even the games, are just overhauled gameplay with some improvements...

the funniest thing is, if someone did something that would do away with this rules, like sony naming their next handheld PS4 and ditching the consoles... everyone would be angry with them, so gamers get angry when you stay the same, and they get angry when you change...

fatstarr2663d ago

Please... i downloaded the one worthwhile game on my phone called inotica3 or something like that and the game is fun but its just like a gba rpg ripped.

on Nintendo note 82% cut in profit is just a over hyped stat nintendo has cash and nintendo is making money on the 3ds ds and wii so many units sold its about time it started coming down realistically many companies need to get the bubble popped and come back into reality you cant have rising profits for ever.

I dont know about you but i never buy cellphone games nor will i, if the world goes in that trend the price will go up because of greed and then the complaints from game devs start rollin in. i walk around with my ds and soon to be 3ds i enjoy gaming in my free time its more of a statement and grabs attention from other like minded people.

smart phone gaming feels weird
no physical controls
poor battery if you play a session on your phone it might die then you dont have a phone for the day until you charge it.

as long as there are kids and people that prefer the real thing then portables wont die they will just be re imagined to deal with the times.

AWBrawler2663d ago

you took the words out of my mouth, give em back, right now

jacksonmichael2663d ago

@ Mr Patriot Haha, what? I don't even... What?

TBM2663d ago

Handhelds for me will stll be present because of one deciding factor, well two deciding factors. The first being proper controllers, and buttons. The second most important factor is better games then these useless phones/tablets with their finger swiping, and moving them around looking like a complete idiot.

Im eagerly awaiting the vita because it will provide me with the best possible on the go gaming experience. My droid 2 will only be a phone to me because of the lack of two factors I stated above.

TBM2663d ago

Looks like I upset a couple of dedicated phone/tablet people, or is it that im eagerly awaiting the PSV for complete handheld gaming? Which is it?

LeShin2663d ago

oh man, not this topic again....

My smartphone is used for making calls, surfing the internet and work. I remember when I used it once to play to play a cool 3d motorbike game called 'Xtract' during my lunch break at 12.00pm for 45mins. What happened? My phone was dead before 3pm. Couldn't receive calls, texts or do any light work on it. That's why I still need a dedicated games system...until the release a smartphone with an incredible battery life.

More importantly, I love fighting games and there's no way am I about to touch my screen to land combos, cancels, interupts and juggles! You can put a fighting game on a smartphone (ala Streetfighter on the Iphone) but it doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Inception2663d ago

Iphone / Ipad / something like that NEVER, i said NEVER replace dedicated hardware for gaming like handhelds!

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