Nintendo’s 3DS woes. Will Vita suffer too?

Jamie Stephens from writes: 'Over the past week, we learnt that Nintendo have decided to drastically cut the recommended retail price of the 3DS. It is no secret that sales of the device have been slower than industry analysts and fans initially predicted.'

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k-dillinger2612d ago

no it wont they arnt relying on cheap gimmicks

Galvanise_2612d ago

I think Vita will be fine. It will provide a wider range of games available than Sony could offer on the PSP.

Ult iMate2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I agree. PSV will have great launch lineup, which 3DS didn't have. I think, the biggest problem with 3DS is the lack of good games - no Pokemon, no Mario, no Zelda on start.
And also PSV has that social functionality thing, 3G connectivity, trophies, crossgame chat, the second analog stick.

Newtype2611d ago

Dude, it's more than just launch games. The 3DS itself gives you a god damn headache after an hour in front of it. The concept was just bad and not practical at all.

miyamoto2611d ago

1) It's a PlayStation, dammit!

2) It's an Android device, a custom Android at that. That has lots of Android apps.

3) Huge games library of games support from 1st to 2nd to 3rd parties:

PSN games,
PSN Minis games,
PSOne games,
PSP games,
PSP HD Remaster games,
PS2 HD Remaster games,
PS Vita games,
PlayStation Suite games,
Android games,
Indie developer games,
.... in other words...lots of games!

4) decent smartphone-ish functionality like decent internet browser, decent multi-media player. GPS etc

nikola9872611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

1)PlayStation certainly didn't help PS3 sales.

2)It's not an android device


4)Now you are just guessing. PSP and PS3 have worst possible internet browsers, and now you know that it will be any good?

b-real2611d ago


Look it up.

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dredgewalker2611d ago

I find it irritating that these so-called journalists forget how much backing from 3rd party and Sony's own devs the Vita will get. When the Vita is launched you can be sure that there will be lots of games. Lacking a decent game library at launch always resulted in slow sales for any system and I doubt that Sony will make that kind of mistake again. They are much more prepared this time with all the developer studios they have acquired.

MasterCornholio2611d ago

The Vita will do fine because it will launch with a good library of games. Plus with the ammount of tech in the Vita 250 euros is a very good price.

Nintendo didnt fail with the 3DSs but they could have done a lot better. For one thing a lot of people viewed the 3DS as a rip off at 250 euros. And secondly they launched with a poor library of games. Thankfully for 3DS owners this holiday season will see the release of plenty of big N titles. Plus the price drop will help bringing in those who were on the fence because of price.

The article mentions that people thought it was a DS with 3D. And i dont blame them here at least in spain the ads were so badly done that people really thought that.

Whoever did these ads should be shot. Because by looking at them it just seems that they are selling a new version of the DS than a new system.

mcstorm2611d ago

They will both be fine. Come Christmas this year 3DS sales will be high just like the DS was as they will have big name games to back it. The 3DS problem was that it had no big name game until Zelda and res came out but the DS had some big name games still being brought out. Now this is starting to come to an end the 3DS can be pushed and we all know what games sell Nintendo consoles and its not 3rd party games. Aa for the psv I expect it to start off selling well in terms of core gamers buying it but its still over £200 and it will put alot of people off but I expect the device to sell better than the original psp and that's all Sony need it to do.

C0MPUT3R2611d ago

PSVITA will sell more than the 3DS in Japan alone this year.

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