Cage match to the death - Mega64 vs. Mega64

At San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the Bitmob video team pitted the Mega64 boys against each other to determine the champion of video game trivia (and obscure-but-awesome Eddie Murphy films that Chloe insists no one but Sebastian has ever seen).

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Sadie21002612d ago

Those guys are just insane. I want what they're on.

THR1LLHOUSE2612d ago

Pluto Nash!

Ha. Love those guys.

DV_Bastian2612d ago

There needs to be a Shin Eddie Murphy character in MUGEN now...

consolez_FTW2612d ago

I'm a huge fan of MEGA64. they remind me of like the jackass of gaming in a way..

Sadie21002612d ago

Very surprising those guys aren't afraid to embarrass themselves in public. That's very unlike Mega 64.

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