Resistance 3 Lab Series Video "Thermal Vision"

GritBit: "Insomniac Games have released an all new Lab Series this time showing off the Thermal Vision."

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Nitrowolf22452d ago

yeah i really wish they would make these lab videos longer, 30 seconds doesn't do enough.

fluffydelusions2452d ago

Yeah, especially considering the good stuff starts at about the half way point.

NukaCola2452d ago

Is the game going to have film grain? That looked sexy. Short vid tho

BiggCMan2452d ago

This is the first one I've seen actually. I've been keeping away from stuff lately, I just wanna learn everything when the game comes out. Since I did see it though, I can say that this shouldn't be any surprise. This was in both games in some way or form. You had the Auger in 1 and 2, and the chimera berserk power in 2 that let you do the same thing. I don't like the name though, it sounds to generic.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2452d ago


Game prolly will have it as an unlockable feature.

Nitrowolf22452d ago


I hope so. I love those kind of unlocks

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Miiikeyyy2452d ago

Resistance has so much stuff now, It's awesome!

hesido2451d ago

More like x-ray vision?