Unlimited Detail Returns with Euclideon Island Demo 2011 - Is this the future of game graphics?

DSOGaming writes: "One year ago, Euclideon claimed that they have found a way to offer amazing graphics and astounding detail to current generation games. After its bold statements, the studio disappeared and re-appeared today with a brand new video that showcases their new game engine. Well, if this actually real-time then we might have a strong competitor to both CryEngine 3 and Unreal Engine 3."

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Nate-Dog2607d ago

Just watched this a couple minutes ago, looks amazing, will be very interesting to see how the final product looks like.

john22607d ago

Yeah, it's really amazing and I don't mind the simple lighting. This overall concept looks spectacular TBH

Pandamobile2607d ago

Still a lot of work to be done on this but it's a really interesting technology.

I wonder if they've found a work around for doing animations in this sort of way; I remember last year they were talking about issues with that.

bangoskank2607d ago

Yeah, then try rigging a character model with this geometry and add dynamics to the environment. Not possible at the moment which is why this demo is so lifeless. Can't stand bullsh!t artists like this.

IRetrouk2607d ago

still, its a step in the right direction, no?

radphil2607d ago


It's more than what you accomplished...

bangoskank2607d ago


I'm a skeptic so I can't answer that until it is proven that this technology can be used in games or if it is even real.


As far as I'm concerned this company hasn't accomplished anything yet.

Kain812607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

i think this is even not possible on next gen consoles, cause it runs at 20FPS and that without AI-, Physics-engines and so on...and they say, they use a powerful rig to run this tech...i think we will see polygons next gen too

john22607d ago

In software mode ;). Try running a current-generation game in software mode and you will be surprised with its single-digits performance :P

IRetrouk2607d ago

im asking because i dont know, whats the diffrence between software mode and a normal game running? honest question.

john22607d ago

Software mode basically means that the game is not taking advantage of the GPU's at all. It's running on the CPU.

Hardware mode is when a game runs on GPU's via the various API's like DirectX, OpenGL or GLIDE (for all of us that loved 3DFX, couldn't resist not mentioning it :P )