So, How About That Deus Ex: Human Revolution Demo

iGG: Deus Ex: Human Revolution is just around the corner. So when are we getting a demo? Let’s find out!

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egidem2547d ago

True, but for the newcomers to the series might want to get a taste of this awesome game and a demo would fit the bill perfectly.

evrfighter2547d ago

After what they did to part 2. Hell ya they need one. And I will be getting my demo. That goes without saying. It's up to them on if it's a full version demo or their own official demo.

consolez_FTW2547d ago

I agree egidem. I've never play a deus ex game before, but have this one pre ordered already. I saw that awesome trailer then some gameplay and was sold. A demo would be nice just to get a feel for the game for a newcomer like me.

Pintheshadows2547d ago

If you have a PC there is a 10 hour demo. :)

SilentNegotiator2547d ago

They would prefer that veteran fans not find out how much they've streamlined it.

Pintheshadows2547d ago

I've played it and you are way off the mark. Being a massive fan of the original I know my sh*t.

ddurand12546d ago

@ pintheshadows

have you seen the gameplay? looks awfully streamlined to me.

chriski3332547d ago

i want to get this for the ps3 but im worried will it be good as ppl say?

Nitrowolf22547d ago

Never played the first, but this game looks awesome. Always thought it would be a thirdperson hack and slash game. Looks like a normal FPS (Gameplay), but the story looks like it goes beyond everyday shooters.

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PrimordialSoupBase2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

It's not a game that demos well. The levels that demonstrate the true Deus Ex require intimate knowledge of your character's skills, which you develop over multiple play sessions. Any other kind of demo (opening, introductory combat level) just won't do the game justice.

Download the leaked preview.

Neckbear2547d ago

Already played it. T'was called a "leak" for some odd reason.

Human Analog2547d ago

The Purity First trailer is powerful. It was VERY well done. Check it out on the jump. This is a day one for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.