£10.99 For FF Tactics on iOS? Proof That Square Enix Have Lost It

Gamesnark's Hawk Preston writes: "It's particularly galling when you realise that the original War of the Lions PSP release is available on PSN for £7.99. Somehow Square has managed to price itself out of the market before it's highly anticipated title is out.

I think this is far too much for a ported PSP game, do you?"

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WhiteLightning2607d ago

UK PS1 Classics

Final Fantasy 4 and the After Years = £27.99

Yeah....they have lost it

Kamikaze1352607d ago

Remember that this isn't the PSOne version being released on the iOS; they're releasing the PSP version with updated artwork and reworked controls. I think the price is right considering that it wasn't just a straight port and they got it to work well with touch screen only controls.

TheDivine2606d ago

I know people hate beacause they hate apple period. I cant believe people hate ff3 on ipad/iphone, its the ds version for half the price, come on! Its well worth the money.

bruddahmanmatt2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I dunno who's more embarrassing, the clown who wrote this crap or the morons who approved it.

egidem2606d ago

Square is just constantly adding nails to their coffins.

iXenon2607d ago

Didn't Final Fantasy I and II run for around $6-10 on the App Store? And Final Fantasy III even more? Their PSOne classics are the most expensive. It's pretty bad for the consumer.

But it could be worst. They could be Capcom

SpoonyRedMage2607d ago

That's a bloody steal and this is why handheld gaming will be fine because iphone users are too cheap to pay for quality.

Lavalamp2606d ago

I wanted Final Fantasy III, but it was $16. So I got Ace Attorney for a third of the price.

Infernostew2606d ago

I'm still shocked that capcom haven't released the sequels to Ace Attorney yet.

Sprud2606d ago

Apple fanboys are used to paying more than what stuff is worth.

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