Blizzard’s Diablo 3 Real-Money Auction House: Not So Bad After All? Hear Me Out…

There’s a lot of vitriol about the new real-money auction house. But would you rather folks continue to buy/sell stuff on e-bay and other, sketchier sites? Where the seller can take your money and run? Even if they don’t, signing on and meeting up with the person to do the trade is a pain. Blizzard taking it in-house, directly into the game, makes it safe, secure, and convenient.

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Spinal2575d ago

Its a great idea.

To be able to make some extra real life cash for ur ingame hours is great. And i wished more games would adopt this approach.

evrfighter2575d ago

seeing as diablo can be pvp heavy I think it's awesome that you can spend a couple hundred hours gearing up your character only to have the rich kid with mommy's credit card drop 500 on his character on his first day playing and wipe the floor with you...

has this market existed? yes it did. However it was taboo regardless. meaning not everybody did it. If you were found out to be buying gear online you lost rep.

that's as far as I go regarding D3. I hope it's a fun game for those that buy it but I'll be going the torchlight 2 route.

GrieverSoul2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

lol at the people that think you can make money out of this...

Really?! You gonna spend 200 hours to get a Uber Pink Axe to sell for like 50§? Really? With that amount of time you can grab a part time job and make more money.

Also, now that its legal to buy stuff, people will start buying them more often meaning that the fear of being scammed from a dodgy online seller is non existent. Meaning? Everyone with money will get their Uber equipment with no effort single handely destroying the loot quest purpose of the game.

To finish, this is just ridiculous from Blizzard. First buying online gold is bad and finnances this and that... so now its okay?! Right?! Its okay because some of that money is filling their already full pockets. Greedy bastards! Games arent what they used to be. In online games I feel like everyone has a chance. We are all equals... now, as in real life, the rich kid will just buy everything without effort.

Spinal2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Lol you kids with no money are always upset.

If you really think your life should revolve around whether you got pwned in pvp by Geared chars in a Game is of any importance in life than you have all your priorities in the wrong order mate.

Edit: Oh and great have fun on Torchlight 2 i'd prefer if players like you don't play diablo 3. i'll be playing TL2 too. See for me i play what i enjoy and what looks good to me. Don't care about anythin else. Skill will always overcome Gear. And games ive played ive proved it many times over.

JohnnyMann4202575d ago

Weird. I didn't know people were actually complaining about this.

Most Diablo fans know (Diablo II specifically) that you could sell your items on eBay back in the day.

I actually have 3 friends (none of which know eachother) that used to sell their D2 items for real money.

The only thing about making it so easy is it might drop the price of a rare item's worth. Then again, with how easy it is to sell items... who knows. You could techncially sell all sorts of items now rather than just the uber rare.

I just don't see this as a bad thing. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. I personally wouldn't buy items, but I will sell them.

Odion2575d ago

Ya who exactly is complaining? Hardcore Diablo 2 players already had a forum where you could trade real money or WoW gold for their forum currency and use that to buy items and characters, this just seems to integrate that into the game so protect people doing transactions.