SFX-360: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review

Andrew at SFX-360 says:

"I’ve been spending the past few days playing the upcoming title Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and I can just say, “WOW!” If you’re looking for a game to spend a massive amount of hours and enjoy games like Limbo and or Outland then this will be a game to buy. This game is the third title for the Summer of Arcade Promotion and like I stated I’ve had the chance to play the game for a while now. At times you might have seen me tweet yelling at the game but a game like this is something you’ll be enjoying from start to end.

This game offers quite a bit for such a simple game and without really spoiling anything I’ll see this is an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be going through many puzzles, defeating bosses, and upgrading your ship, and enjoying a great story. Hopefully after reading this review this will be a game you’ll purchase and if not then you’ll be missing out."

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newleaf2612d ago

Summer of Arcade so far so freaking good

dazreah2612d ago

Yep 2 amazing games so far and this looks like it will get the trend going!

H2OAcidic2612d ago

Just wait till you try "Online." You're going to be yelling at your friends telling them hurry up or just leave them behind.