Valve Announces Dota 2 Tournament - The International, first public showing of the game at Gamescom

SystemLink: "Defence of The Ancients 2 will have a new Championships, and its first public showing at Gamescom."

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Takoulya2612d ago

I really hope that we finally see some gameplay! I'm really excited about this game!

grailly2612d ago

"public showing" would mean that you'll see some gameplay

QuakeStyle2612d ago

1,000,000 in grand prize.

Jejojaja2612d ago

lol @ disagree with fact...
its true, winning team in this tourney takes home 1 000 000 USD,
is this the biggest price in any game tournament ever?


all i can say is RIP HoN and omgwtfbbq 1000000$!

Bolts2612d ago

That is the largest prize in the history of gaming. It's about time Valve kick back some of the mad profits they're making from Steam.

Awookie2612d ago

Valve just snatched both the HoN and LoL communities

LobsterPot2612d ago

If this tournament goes well then this has some serious potential to outdo Starcraft 2 as the leading e-sport.