Wii U - True Competitor or Failure in the making?

From the moment that it was unveiled at the always fascinating, yearly gamer’s convention of E3, The Wii U was sure to cause speculation and curiosity among many gamers. . . .

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fluffydelusions2608d ago

True Competitor to 360/PS3 or 720/PS4? Also, no one really knows because they have yet to release the specs AND only time will tell if people will flock to it like they did the Wii.

consolez_FTW2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Yeah, if the WiiU gets released anywhere in 2012, than it only has about a couple of years to sell really well...After a couple of year after the WiiU's 2012 release( I think it will release 2012) the PS4 or Xbox720 might get released. WiiU will be left in the dust, especially since it's just now catching up to this gen.

Jezuz2608d ago

Oh it's this article again.Just visited this site from last week and now there's another article bout this.

archemides5182608d ago

people won't flock to it because they know they already don't use the wii they got.

pcz2608d ago

its all a con. You buy your console and its cutting edge, then within a few years its ancient and worthless. its a really bad investment.

Games just dont age well either. they become transparent. i mean, when the game is brand new and current, the technology behind it tricks you, you enjoy it. but when you go back to old games, you can see how easily they were made, and see that they were almost just experiments with technology.

the games industry makes us very aware we are being ripped off by constantly re-releasing old games. i mean, we are inside the hd generation now... far away from those sd 2d games. but now devs are re-releasing those games. they do look shit in sd now, there is not buts about it, so these remakes are quite tempting. but it is a con.

i feel nintendo (and the entire industry)is just reselling us the same product over and over again. ie ps1,2 and three are practically the same, bar how solid the graphics look, the quality of sound and the media the games come on. but all that changes is cosmetic.

same with wiiu. its just wii again.

wii was meant to be unique, but now its just becoming like the other consoles 'hardcore,' so what is the value of it to somebody who is tired of gaming?

i think other people feel the same as i do. its the reason 3ds is failing- its nothing new, nothing major to set it apart from ds. and wiiu is the same.

wiiu is just a confusing, disappointing mess. i wish nintendo would have committed to the wii more. instead of dropping it like an infected rat.

think i might sit the next gen out. and stay out of gaming until there is a change in the industry.

consolez_FTW2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Sir, judging from that huge wall of text, I'm gonna say that you would love PC gaming. All the things you listed about hating gaming seems to do with consoles...Why don't you get yourself a nice PC and see if that helps, m'kay!

...or just stop gaming.

pcz2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

lol pc gaming is even worse, the tech moves incredibly fast, if you want to be cutting edge you would have to spend hudreds/thousands constantly updating your 'rig.' no thanks, thats my worse nightmare.

i think consoles try to address all the 'problems' with pc gaming, but even consoles are flawed. and more and more consoles are inheriting all the problems pc games have- bugs, fixes for those bugs, downloadable content etc.


yes, there are some exceptions, some games do remain timeless. but they are few and far between.

for example- i bought f zero x on n64 back in maybe 1999/2000, for £60 or whatever it was. Then it gets re-released on virtual console, so thats another £7 pound if i want the luxury to play that same game on the new console.

Its obvious this game will be released again one day, either in hd, or 3d or under some other guise. and f zero is a poor example really. think of mario kart, or mario bros. you get totally ripped off.

its not just a nintendo thing, sony and microsoft do it too. lol capcom.

and yes you are right, the film industry also do the same, by re-releasing special editions, directors cuts, collectors additions, anniversarys, remakes, the dvd edition, the blu ray edition etc.. its crazy! we are being totally ripped off again and again.

i thought wii was a breath of fresh air because it seemed to offer something new.. but now its quite clear it was just the old dressed up as new.

archemides5182608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

games who are stylistically and artistically authentic don't age, just like movies and music that are the same don't either, regardless of ongoing technological innovation. but u are correct in that those are few and far between....but u could just pick those up when they come out and skip the rest. or yeah, just give it up, lots of things to do with ur time.

Trekster_Gamer2608d ago

It will not sell anywhere near what the Wii did. I don't see hardcore gamers holding the huge gamepad for hours on end either. Right now it is a neat diversion but compared to the next XBOX or PS4 I think this system might go the way of the dreamcast.

hamoor2608d ago

" compared to the next XBOX or PS4"
So they wii u ( A CONSOLE THAT DIDN'T RELEASE YET) is getting beat up by air?? Because till now we dont know anything about the next box or the ps4.

LOGICWINS2608d ago

"Right now it is a neat diversion but compared to the next XBOX or PS4 I think this system might go the way of the dreamcast."

So many people on N4G have time machines. Where can I get one?

archemides5182608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

u don't need a time machine when it's obvious, the wii U's drawbacks far outweight it's positives (no real sticks, hugeness, only current gen tech)

LOGICWINS2608d ago

"only current gen tech"

LOL, like I said, where are you guys getting these time machines from? Nintendo hasn't released the Wii U's tech specs yet.

trollkill2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

i knw where your coming frm some ppl here i just too fanboyish or want to sound smart to agree. Given Nintendos track record last decade or so and info it will be nintendo lagging behind in tech and regurgitating bs like thy have with the many ds's and weak wii hardware smh you dnt need to be a rocket scientist to knw tht just use logic and deduction. It will probably barely be more powerfulll than a ps3 or xbox which is laughable being tht tech is 6 years old the same wii tech wise was a joke and g multi plat games like cod were leaps and bounds worse thn xbox and sonys versions. The next xbox and ps3 will be much more powerfull thn the wii u u dont need atime machine for tht just look at nintendos history and patterns in contrast t o sony and micro consoles and handhelds

Seferoth752607d ago

LOL NO you dont need a time machine to see the future.. You could make assumptions based off of your own ignorance... It works for you and that's cool but having Sony already say PS4 wasnt going to be much more powerful than PS3 already proves you wrong...

So in the last 10 years NIntendo had the second most pwerful console and some how that to you means anything they make now will some how be inferior? I can see that if every gen was like the Wii generation but that is sadly not the case...

Just another ignorant hater using their own lack of knowledge and ignorance to make baseless claims you cant back up... Oh but anyone who doesnt agree must be a fanboy... Yeah we get that a lot around here. Anyone who doesnt blindly hate NIntendo must be a fanboy..

trollkill2607d ago

lol smh Yeah your right buddy wii u will be a powerhouse and ppl cant look at patterns and history to make a deduction or assume what will most likely be the obvious. Of course its not fact but we all know no matter what Sony says (and yeah we've all heard the talk of Sony not focusing on a super powerful successor)when it comes to tech they always push the envelope in consoles. Sorry if your too smart or so ahead of your time and full of yourself that common sense eludes you.
One thing we do know and this is out of Nintendo execs mouth lol They mentioned comparison with ps3 and its power and have mentioned the fact that it will be able to rival the power of the ps3 and thats just pathetic like i said before thats 6 year old tech if you think that Sony and ps4 will not be more powerful than 6 year old tech and the wii u your delusional and blind to Nintendos tactics and what has made them millions the last decade or so. This isnt just about what the wii was (less powerfull than xbox and ps3) its also about all the ds's (less powerful than psp by alot). So please go rant somewhere else and poke out your chest your not impressing me at all and i bet all these ppl that fell for the wii hype have their wiis catching dust the same way wii u will disappoint many. Nintendo has lost their way a long time ago if ppl cant see that oh well.

sloth33952608d ago

even though it is a new system its really more of an upgrade since you would still have to play multiplayer games using the Wiimote which could be its down fall

hamoor2608d ago

Lots of nintendo hate.
I say in comparison to other two companies, nintendo is the most innovative and more likely take risks with new ideas.
Everybody laughed at the wiimote. forward two years later and we got ms and sony's own version of "motion controller"

I know the wii had a lot of shovelware but it had its share of great games too
and the wii u rumored gpu can run crisis 1 max at 60fps
Just reserve your judgment and WAIT for the damn console.

archemides5182608d ago

innovations like releasing non-stop re-releases and "3d" remakes? or were u talking about the rehashes (new mario wii, donkey kong country, 2d sidescrolling snes etc etc)

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