Diablo 3 Auction House Impressions - GameZone

GameZone's Matt Liebl outlines the announcements made by Blizzard today for Diablo 3, and he gives his impressions and opinion about the auction house for real money.

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Dasteru2516d ago

I don't understand why people are complaining about the "always online" thing, Blizzard has already stated that there will not be any single player mode in D3 like the past 2 games so what difference does it really make? That's like complaining that WoW needs to have a constant connection. Common sense people.

evrfighter2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Ubisoft's always on proved to work extremely well. There wasn't any worry of the servers going down, or people hacking the servers and bringing down the network. Hell the pirates couldn't even crack it.

It was flawless, it was seamless, it was perfect. Props to Blizzard for catching on.

CLOUD19832515d ago

Although I like the idea to sell something super rare that I don't need for real life cash I still thinking that some ppl or gold-farmer-sites r going to buy rare items from non-real-cash auction to sell them in the real-life-cash so it will be harder for some1 who want to buy a rare item to buy it w/o spent real cash.

lance422515d ago

Well, I think that if it's a super rare item that no one would sell it for in-game currency. I think it's going to be that regular items you sell for gold, and the hardest ones will be for cash no matter what.