Massive DC Universe Online update teams up Superman and Lex Luthor

XMNR: The fourth major update to DC Universe Online has gone into effect for the PS3 and PC superhero-based MMORPG and it not only features a new raid that has Superman and Lex Luthor defending the Fortress of Solitude but a massive amount of updates and fixes.

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BiggCMan2517d ago

What are some of your opinions of this game? It looks like a lot of fun. Some things I would like to know though are if there is enough stuff to do in the game to justify the subscription, also are there a lot of people still playing it etc..

nikrel2517d ago

Massive grind end game, getting to end game was fun, it sent you on missions that felt like mini comics, but once you get to the end game it's the same thing day in and day out very similar to world of warcraft.

I'm tired of grinding the same content over and over, I was so pleased how DCUo leveled you it felt so fresh with the combat & story, but at the end it left me wanting more of what I had while leveling.

BiggCMan2517d ago

Did none of the updates provide any new content?

Siesser2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

they did. a new mission or two, a new duo for the daily grinding, a holiday themed diversion. But still, the end result was doing the same routine every day to get marks to get armor to get stronger to get more marks - very little incentive outside of getting bigger. No story, no real reason to hang around. And PVP often took forever to fill up, so I had many an evening just sitting around in the park talking to people.

when you're playing, the game really is a ton of fun. And going through raids is a blast. It's just - that's all there is to it - continuously reworking the same missions with friends. I just eventually grew tired of it, but not because the game's bad - I just lost interest.

*sorry - meant to reply to BiggC*