The Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements - GameZone

GameZone's Joe Donato lists the hardest Xbox 360 achievements to go after and details why each are incredibly difficult to unlock.

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joab7772608d ago

Nothing bothers me more than glitches. Here's a couple recent ones. In operation flashpoint dragon rising, u have to beat it on the hardest difficulty. This is pretty hard in itself, but progress is only saved on 1 players hard drive. On the second to last level as we were running towards a chopper, i diconnected. They did not know this so they finished the final 10 seconds. Catch is that i didn't get credit. So, either play it all over again or congratulate them. In la Noire, i got level 20 and no achievement. I got 100% achievement which requires u b level 20. If u start a new game it resets everything except your level. I have all the dlc, but i cannot level up and most the dlc requires u to b near the end of the game. In prince of Persia, u get all the way to the end to realize that ur last orb is number 999, not 1000. Catch is that its a glitch. Even if u spend 5 hours, which i did, looking for it, u wont find it. My favorite was borderlands. I get towards the end and realize that I'm short 1 backpack...another glitch. So, i replayed the entire game of 15+ hours and got it. Then, i played my level 50 playthrough and it glitched again and gave me an extra backpack. I never needed to replay it.