Brand New Xenoblade Chronicles European Trailer

A brand new trailer has been released for Xenoblade Chronicles, check it out below.

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Yi-Long2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

... isn't there an option for the original japanese voices!? This is horrible.

It LOOKS great though.

Lavalamp2517d ago

Yes there is an option to switch to the original Japanese voice work with subtitles.

Yi-Long2516d ago


That's very good news to hear :) Thanks :)

Canary2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I, for one, don't plan on buying any Nintendo products again. At least not new. I've had it with their bullshit.

tiffac2516d ago

Its salt in our wounds bro ><

[email protected] Reggie WHY?!!!

Xander-RKoS2517d ago

I'm more than willing to bet that one reason why this game isn't being localized in N.America is because the bad voice acting in Arc Rise Fantasia was enough to kill selling JRPG's that don't have the top notch voice acting was just deemed not worth it.

mastiffchild2517d ago

But it was worth it to Sega to release Yakuza games this gen, in the west, just with original Japanese voice acting and subs(which this package includes meaning you'd be expecting US gamers not only to be unable to put up with poor voice acting to play a decent game bit also not put up with the ACTUAL voice acting plus subs)?

With those subs in the UK package of the game I see no reason to think I won't be using that option which I ALWAYS use given the choice(or the very rare cases of amazing localised dibs)and fail to see it as a barrier to anyone wanting to play the game OR anyone, and here's the thing, with a desire to provide said game to my market of loyal consumers who demanded it.

Sure, Reggie wouldn't allow the "dreadful" audio of DDoC to be unleashed on US ears even though it appeared without fanfare at a budget price in the UK but would the bad acting in one game REALLY cause another to be denied the US when subs and original voices are available already? I just fail to see any reason the EU, where I am, get this and the US/NA does not. It's BS from NoA and having also suffered a hell of a roundabout trek just to play Fatal Frame 4 myself I realise it's not limited to them, either,when it comes to localising games this gen. Publishing from NoA of import titles is shoddy at best and must be if we get more in the UK as it's NEVER the way any other time or on any other platform.

tiffac2516d ago

They could ask Atlus for voice acting help. Catherine has great voice actors.

Better yet have Atlus (or NISA or ANYONE!) just release the IP in NA along with Last Story, that would lessen their expenses at least.

Spenok2516d ago

Cries, I really want this game. But my gut feeling is telling me its just not going to happen :(

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