Could Nintendo’s 3DS Troubles Carry Over To The Wii U?

Joel Taveras writes, "It’s been one great ride for Nintendo over the past five years, with quarter after quarter bringing in greater results than the one prior; at one point the house that Mario built showed no signs of slowing down. For a good long stretch, as competitors Microsoft and Sony were busy trying to bring the costs down of each of their respective consoles, Nintendo pulled away with an insurmountable lead in the console arms race. By the time the Wii found itself in one of every nine American households, the console finally began to show signs of slowing down. At the same time Nintendo has hit similiar strides in the handheld market with their DS. Even with revision after revision the handheld continued to sell well, meeting or exceeding expectations every time. But along came the 3DS."

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Chadness2543d ago

I think it'll be even worse off for Nintendo come the Wii U launch because everyone saw what they did with the blasted 3DS price drop only a few months after launch.

fatstarr2543d ago

As long as Nintendo plays it right the wiiu will be fantastic.

-Have games for launch no 3rd party bs, id rather Nintendo just take criticism for being mostly 1st party than letting 3rd party run the show.

they need to kill next years e3
they need to have ads
informing the consumers simply
they need 3 killer ips
smash bros footage is a + always show the future and it will get fans anticipation up

as long as it launches during the traditional Oct-Nov-December months it will be a success. no questions hands down.

quite-frankly the wii was the best selling console so far in terms of hype finding new markets and simplicity.

wiiu will sell more of a ps3 pace, then it will be hyped and then it may pull a wii trend if Nintendo can pull off that Nintendo magic.

but alas its my favorite company Nintendo... i knew them for years i know this company almost like the back of my hand. its 96.66423% gonna go the exact opposite and everything will go horrible but it will work its self out.

allenhpark2543d ago

YEah, they're going to be very very wary of buying launch.

Although, to be fair, the Wii U already has considerably more marketing power and hype behind it than the 3DS already.

HavenDan2543d ago

Definitely, this may not sell as well as they think

JoelT2543d ago

I think another problem is that while the tech demos in the videos shown were kind of cool, certain applications made absolutely no sense. The golf demo is the first one that comes to mind. What's the point of using the Wii U to place it on the floor, and yet still use the Wiimote to actually take the swing at it? Golf games have done more than well on the Wii as it is, how would this make the experience any better?

It's overcoming those kinds of hurdles that Nintendo will have to deal with. It's not just selling people on the *cool* factor, but on an actual need, if that makes sense.

Ness-Psi2543d ago

I think the Wii U will sell better than the 3DS. Iwata said as much that they didn't do enough to show the Wii U and I don't think they will rest on their laurels I reckon they will push the Wii U.

axisofweevils2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Simple. Just do a Wii U Ambassador scheme.

Every Wii U bought in the first month will have an amazing, new exclusive game that future Wii Us won't.

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