Get Rich Playing Diablo III

As easy as it is to become obsessed with the World of Warcraft Auction House, waiting for item prices to drop and putting up rare treasures for bidding with the hopes of pulling in a nice virtual profit, that's child's play compared to what Blizzard's doing with Diablo III. The online Auction House to be implemented through for Blizzard's upcoming action-role-playing game will allow you to put in-game items up for sale for real money. You set the price, other players bid or buy out, you make the profit.

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blackhammer2608d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if Blizzard takes a cut of those financial transactions.


Torkith2608d ago

Of course they will, you'll have a small fee to post an item then when it sells you get the money. For what reason would they do it for free? They had to set it all up, and it's really being created to eliminate all the shady websites that others would go to, to purchase these items anyways. Now it's a proprietary system that they've built not only to keep the players safe but also to allow people willing to spend money on these items the chance to do so without worry.

Blizzard can take a cut all they want, nothing says you have to use this system.

Darkfiber2608d ago

This has trouble written all over it.

"I PURCHASED AN ITEM FOR $150 AND I LAGGED AND IT TOOK MY MONEY BUT I NEVER GOT THE ITEM". Oh so fail. Basically (especially for arenas) you are only as good as the money you spend. It's like a microtransaction MMO, except people actually care about it. Sigh. So fail.

grailly2608d ago

come on, when does that happen? We do online transactions every day, and I don't see people complaining about not getting their items.

I pay all my bills through internet, if there was a chance of my internet connexion dropping and me just losing the money, I would stop

despair2608d ago


I have never heard of that happening at all. And no you're not as good as the money you spend, you are also as good as the time you invested in the game. Everything someone purchases you can get by investing enough time. Where is the problem with that?

I hate micro transactions when they force a person to pay or be limited or disadvantaged, nowhere here are you getting limited, its like any other rpg, you spend the time and you will get stronger, except there is a financial option for anyone who doesn't or can't invest that time. Plus if you are one to really invest into a game then you can actually make money off those you are angry at.

Darkfiber2607d ago

If I spent $1000 on items, pure epics/rune items/sets before anyone else had them, I would be able to kill anyone and anything. Why spend months grinding for gear when you can just buy it in 2 minutes? Obviously the people who buy the items in 2 minutes will be more powerful months before people who don't buy stuff.

despair2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )


How would you spend that money on something noone else has when its actual people who have to find it first to sell it to you? Remember they have to put in the hours to find the items before everyone else.

Don't forget that you will first need the required level to use those items as well. And I've never seen the best stuff for low levels. Also whats the big deal if you want to waste money to ruin the game for yourself as there will be little challenge in it. How does that affect me unless I take you on in PvP and that again is optional.

You're grasping at straws, its not like normal microtransactions where the items are there from the start, but someone needs to first find it and then decide to sell it so there is no way you can get the gear before anyone else that way.

GrumpyVeteran2608d ago

Only reason that I may be interested in diablo is this lol

yamzilla2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

there will be a certain amount of free transactions you can post per week, with no fee to blizzard, i would guess about 2-5, after that it will likely be $1-$3 to put an item up in the cash shop, they (blizzard) want to keep spammers from putting thousands of lame items up.

also, the will be a in game gold auction too, so if the real cash transactions do not intrest you, you don't have to participate.

The main resaon the do this is it would be done outside of blizzards control like it was with diablo 2, Bliz kinda figures, if you can't beat them, make money off it.

Plus, say your a Wizard and you find a two handed ultra rare axe you have no need for, and some sucker wants to pay you $20 for it, hell, all the more power to you :)

Drekken2608d ago

Thank you for saying the truth of the matter. People jump to conclusions too fast. I like this idea... big time.

The market will be inflated the first month or so, but eventually it will drop to very reasonable prices.

Bolts2608d ago

This feature separated Diablo 3 from all the other clones. It takes the looting whoring nature of this genre to a new level. It will sell millions.

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