Fighting game genre won't collapse again - Ono

Street Fighter IV producer and Capcom veteran Yoshinori Ono, a key driving force behind the recent resurgence in fighting games, has said he doesn't expect the genre to crash again through over saturation like it did in the 90s.

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Simon_Brezhnev2484d ago

Yeah how are they going to collapse when you rehash games every year. MvC2, SF4, SSF4, SSF4AE, MvC3, UMvC3, SF3 online edition. At least in BBCS they gave you a free patch to upgrade it to BBCS2. BB series is the best 2d style fighter this generation.

Stealth2k2484d ago

Your forgeting 10 of the same blazblue games, dlc for soul calibur that was on disk

its not all roses

Simon_Brezhnev2483d ago

lol there is not 10 of the same blazblue game. Im talking about on one system. There is basically 2 out on ps3 BBCT and BBCS. They do charge 2 damn much for DLC. Well i guess you can say Japanese fighting games devs this generation try to rip off the consumer with the dlc.

caseh2484d ago

Its a bit crap really SF4 > SSF4 > SSF4AE - If you are really into SF games in any way then you really need to have the latest game.

At least when I picked up Soul Calibur 4 its been the only revision released so I can play online without the nagging feeling that people are abandoning it for Soul Calibur 4 Special Edition or Soul Calibur 4 Super Special Edition EX +1

Quagmire2484d ago

Well when you have money-grabbing whores like Capcom with their MvC and SF games, coupled with fan-respected fighters like Tekken and Mortal Kombat, I doubt the fighter genre is going anywhere soon.

FlashXIII2484d ago

Tekken is fan respected? No offense to fans of that game but watching some of it on stream it looked terrible. They're still using a lot of the same animations back from the ps1 games.

jetlian2483d ago

clearly you don't play the game. Now SF is still like 1987. Atleast tekken has new moves added every game

FlashXIII2483d ago

Did on the ps1. And from the stream I saw, not much has changed. They haven't even bothered to update half the animations.

Might be a SF guy hence my impressions but to me, Tekken looks years outdated. The combo strings alone made me wince.. kicking a players shin to continue a combo.. really? Also who falls down from a hit hits the ground with his legs in the air.. everything I've seen in Tekken makes me think it's seriously outdated.

jetlian2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

grabbing a ducking payer is normal and guile fully trips people. lets not talk about cross overs

the genre never left only 2d players haven't had much to play! 2d is easier than 3d which is the reason more people play them.

Ddouble2483d ago

Funny enough, in EVO most people were excited about SSFIV and MVC3 more than Tekken and MK. I'm not suprised though since it was SFIV that brought the genre back to where it is today.