Advancing Guard: In Defense of Capcom - GameZone

In response to an opinion piece on the direction of Capcom fighting games, specifically Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV, GameZone's Dustin Steiner offers a rebuttal to the article and defends Capcom.

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caseh2608d ago

'While I can understand the sentiment, there are really only 2 other options for companies that wish to release content after a game’s release. They can either have downloadable content, or keep the game in development for much longer,'

Or they can already have it present on the disc then charge us X amount of $ to have access to something that SHOULD HAVE BEEN AVAILABLE AS SOON AS I PUT THE DISC INTO MY CONSOLE RATHER THAN CHARGE ME FOR IT A FEW MONTHS DOWN THE LINE. *cough* sorry, rant over :)

Ares842608d ago

First off, there are more than two Street Fighter characters in MvC3. Second, it isn't a problem that Capcom what's to expand their games after release but the way they do it is bs. Tell me why would I spend $65 on a Capcom game when in a few months they will release the same exact game with more content for $20 less? That is cheating people out of money. $5 for a single DLC character? Are they insane? There is no way it worth it! Ohhh it didn't make the deadline??? It did, capcom just likes to lock content on their games just so they can sell a $5 key that is 100kb to unlock what is locked on the disk.

So don't try to defend money hungry companies who try to milk their series. They must have a very thick skin on their face.