Diablo 3 Beta Rumored To Start Today, Paid Micro-Transactions Confirmed

MS: The Diablo 3 beta is set to start any day now. While Blizzard has yet to officially announce when the beta starts, there are many rumors speculating that the beta will be released today ... But the most controversial of the new features has to be the newly revamped auction house that gives players the option to buy and sell items with in-game gold currency or use real life cash.

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SuperSaiyan42611d ago

in soo bad, if it get's released today you can bet the servers will get totally filled with millions trying to download the beta that's if its open beta.

Ramas2611d ago

closed beta not open, so there woun't be millions, unless blizzard give access to millions.
and i doupt it is today

pr0digyZA2611d ago

Ye closed beta, I don't believe they are doing an open beta, maybe I am wrong. i'm sure if this was open there would have been a lot more news about it.

Bolts2611d ago

This cash auction bullshit is the reason why it's taking so long. That explained everything.