Interview: Gears of War 3 writer Karen Traviss - Part 1

Game-Smack Ireland recently had the chance to ask Karen Traviss a few questions regarding her Gears of War books, upcoming third person shooter Gears of War 3, and the new Halo book trilogy.

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The Matrix2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

The newest Gears of War book came out today. It's called Coalition's End. As the name implies there is some serious stuff that's going to happen. And it is going to take us exactly to where Gears 3 starts so it's a must-read for fans.

Despite being a Gears fan I had to chuckle at this quote: "Epic wanted Gears to be more than just a shooter – they wanted a nuanced, challenging, adult drama underpinning the gameplay..."

49erguy2611d ago

Same lol. Let's hope they're the last ones laughing though because I WANT Gears to have more story/emotion. It the last one so if they don't, the Gears campaigns will always be known as shooter-fests with no stories.