Best and Worst Games of July 2011

Eric of writes:

"July is notorious for being a slow month in the gaming industry and this year was no different. There weren’t the big AAA titles that we saw last month but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any good games to play this month. Let’s take a look at which games were the best and the worst for the month of July 2011."

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dwightmccarthy2491d ago

Have to play bastion. Keep hearing good things about it

Jamesmanguyperson2491d ago

sad about the ratings of Ape Escape and Call Of Juarez..definitely a great month for downloads though!

paybackprahl2491d ago

I was a big fan of Ape Escape back in the day, it's a shame to see its current incarnations doomed to be watered-down on-rails Move shooters. There's so much interesting stuff that could have been doing with the Move controller and an Ape Escape game - get back to the platforming of the original!!!

rrquinta2490d ago

I think this month's lists are even more interesting than they were last month. I hadn't realized how badly Call of Juarez had done, for example.