Joystiq: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review

Richard Mitchell writes:

"In some indeterminate galaxy, a giant black mass pulsates. The mass ripples, and a piece of it launches into space, splashing onto a distant sun. In an instant, a dark transformation begins as tendrils erupt from the surface and engulf the star in blackness.

In the same instant, fragments of the eruption collide with a nearby planet, setting a similar transmogrification in motion. An alien, observer to all this chaos, leaps into his flying saucer, determined to save his home world and stop those who have turned the sun into a writhing, evil thing.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet begins stupendously, kicking things off with a visually stunning, orchestral bang. Its first moments are truly captivating, introducing a planet that is both hostile and inviting -- a world that begs to be explored."

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