The rise of the arcade game

Gaming continues to progress further and further as the years go by. Whether that be with graphical improvement, mesmerizing storytelling or smooth gaming mechanics, the industry is continuing to move forwards with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The market is changing, and what gamers want is also changing.

What’s next though? With the introduction and growth of the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store over the past several years, more and more games are being released on a smaller scale for much more reasonable prices than their retail friends

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jeseth2576d ago

Arcade games and PSN/Live games like Scott Pilgrim, Flower, Braid, DeathSpank, etc. are great because you can have a lot of fun without the time commitment of bigger "full" games.

Plus they even come with trophies/acheivments which make it fun for the trophy whores (like myself.

caseh2576d ago

For me the online stores are a mine field of shit that you have to sift through to find something that will hold your attention for longer than an hour.

Each to their own I guess.

f7897902576d ago

Especialy the minis section on PSN. Shit everywhere.

The only mini I've bought is The Flying Hamster.

harrisk9542576d ago

A Space Shooter for Two Bucks
Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar

But, you are right. Most are terrible and overpriced (even Angry Birds is overpriced)