New Battlefield 3 Battlelog screenshots show weapons, awards

A new batch of screenshots of Battlefield 3's Battlelog service shows a list of weapons, statistics, and awards as well.

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Dart892610d ago

This keeps looking better an better everytime.

The Hillman2610d ago

I'm not sure if that's the full weapons list but if it is I think I was hoping for more unlocks. If I remember rightly Battlefield 2 had quite a few more.

Still looks awesome though :)

Zip2610d ago

Thoose are taken from the alpha ;-)

The Hillman2610d ago

Ah ok so not the final list. Cool.

TheIneffableBob2610d ago

Some are from the alpha, some aren't.

AO1JMM2610d ago

Some yes but the one with the co-op and campaign highlighted are not.

Gigglefist2610d ago

This breaks the NDA this player agreed to in order to join up. That is if these aren't from the company itself.

jozzah2610d ago

You know there's a lot of people that broker their nda, are you really worried about that?

Gigglefist2610d ago

Worried? No.
Still, people who DO break it are assholes

jozzah2610d ago

Someones always going to do it, chill.

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