Metro: Last Light Will Play To The Strengths of the PS3 and the Xbox 360

GB: "With all the recent hype behind next generation consoles, Metro: Last Light seems to be one of those games that is looking awesome on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. In my opinion its one of those titles that makes gamers believe that there is still a lot of life left in the current generation of consoles."

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paintsville2605d ago

I'm sure it'll be a great game on both systems.

HydroCopper2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

"Last Light will play to the strengths of the PS3 and the Xbox 360"

They don't have any strengths. 6 year old technology. Time to move on.

Oh and I own both consoles.

Close_Second2605d ago

How many times have we heard this claim from devs over the past few years.

death2smoochie2605d ago

They all say this.
It's good PR.

chasedagreat2605d ago

yeah right heard BS too many times B4

Laypoof2605d ago

I've heard those statments before, but the truth is, you can't really utilize the hardware of a console to its fullest if it's not built ground up for it. I'm Metro will look great, but it could look even better if it was exclusive to the PS3

DaTruth2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Pretty sure he meant it would look better on the "PS3" if it were PS3 exclusive! Who can argue with this! every game would look better on a platform, if it were exclusive to that platform!

But you guys just sit down there and pretend you didn't know that! Whatever it takes to pull out more PC is superior Crap(regardless of truth) that nobody cares about!

You'd think you guys use to be 360 fanboys and are feeling butthurt from finally realizing that PS3 is better than 360 and are now posing as PC owners to be able to make fanboyish comments again! Never saw so many PC fanboys until I didn't see much 360 fanboys anymore. I just don't remember any PC/PS3 flamewars until 2010!

hamoor2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

And it will be better if it was exclusive to the pc... Oh wait!

It already does!


Solid_Snake-2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

[email protected] PS3 exclusive comment.

PC says hi.

msbabie200342605d ago

yeah that way it will have blurry textures, and frame rate issues.

Boletarian2605d ago

Really? Because the way it looks on PC now completely shits over any game that ever was made exclusively on the PS3.

qwertyz2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

yeah the pc verison is an ENTIRE GENERATION ahead on anything on ps3 or 360 lol it makes killzone 3 look like a ps2 game oh I forgot EVEN bulletstorm on pc already does that :/.

crysis 1(even without mods), crysis warhead GTA 4 with mods, witcher 2, bad company 2 and crysis 2 pc(even without the directx11 patch) already look a generation ahead of console games. ps3 fanboys are delusional.

crysis 2 on consoles, gears 3 and forza 4 clearly show that the difference between those 2 consoles is a lot smaller than alot of people would like to believe.


play metro 2033 for yourself would you and don't watch compressed youtube videos, you'll realize that it makes your ps3 exclusives look worse than ps2 games. the ps3 isn't even as powerful as a 2006 pc ...sad considering the fact that it came out in late 2006 the console was technically dead on arrival lol even bulltstorm pc or crysis 1 set to medium(not even high or highest) with some AA and AF @1080p looks way better than anything cn ps3/360 play if for yourself and find out

Persistantthug2605d ago

Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering?

Apparently HEAVY RAIN did.

Just sayin.

Ducky2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

^ ... but BlackOps and MoH were also nominated for the award?
What is this I don't even.

As for the comparison itself. It's kind of hard to compare visuals without getting art design in the mix.
I think the best-looking games this gen are LPB and TF2... they might not push the pixels, but seeing them in motion just makes me... happy.

HeavenlySnipes2605d ago

but I always accepted that "Bulletstorm on PC shits on everything blah blah blah" as truth...Until I decided to search it up

Sure it looks great, but shits on anything on consoles? Please...

consolez_FTW2605d ago

yeah qweertyz has been trolling consoles all day, he's going for the record. We all know by know that crysis looks great but...what logic does qwertyz seriously use if he thinks graphics automatically make a game superior. First, bulletstorm doesn't blow away every console game, your just being melodramatic! Makes you wonder if qwertyz even cares for story, gameplay , and art anymore?...probably not..

Human Analog2605d ago

@ Persistantthug. The visual engineering is just that. A step forward in engineering visuals. Heavy rain was not the best looking game around, but it had great visuals, and it go recognized for them and it's unique gameplay, and story telling. Don't get your panties in a bunch about PS3 fanboy shit. I loved Heavy Rain. It was one of my favorite games of the recent years. However you can't be as blind as your statement makes you out to be. A game like Metro 2033 on the PC running full out is in a league of it's own. If you can't see that or admit that then you are an incurable fanboy, that wants things to be what the aren't. Instead of following the opinions of others (read your bold lettered statement). You should see things the way they are. It is a true fact that PC is ahead of the consoles. Lets just stop pretending otherwise. While we are at it, lets stop pretending that just because a game wins awards, or looks good it as a good game too.

Boletarian2605d ago

I don't know PersistantThug.

Does your favorite actor or favorite film always win the Academy Award?

Heavy Rain in no way shape or form even comes close to what Metro 2033 does. Not in textures, not in animations, not in lighting, not in physics, not in anything.

It possibly won that award because the judges liked the game and wanted to give it the award.

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death2smoochie2605d ago

Yes and even if it wee exclusive to the PS3 it would still run in 720p or less with low resolution textures and not nearly the level of shader effects and HDR/lighting/Soft Shadows etc and real time effects as the PC.

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theonlylolking2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

If they were GG or Naughty Dog the PS3 version will automatically look better than the 360 version.

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