UFC Undisputed 3 "Step Inside" Trailer

THQ have released the latest trailer for UFC Undisputed 3.

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red2tango2547d ago

I love the UFC, but I hate this game.

Hisiru2546d ago

All I need is a decent title mode or carrer mode (which we cant find in UFC 2010).

Adam21012547d ago

as the most dominated mma game in the market .. this game sucks :S
i love ufc and i hate this game

its just 2 guys in a cage fighting, give me great graphics and great physics!!

BX812547d ago

This game is fun as hell to play (online sux though) with your boys. When fight night rolls around it's fun to get on the sticks and play as the fighters for that event.

cedaridge2547d ago

wasn't impressed with fight night and currently not excited for UFC3 but im subject to change. psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedaridge

troncoparati2546d ago

I like fighting games so I'm looking forward to this game. They get cheap real fast too.